AAFA Private Pilot Program

Learning to fly is one of life’s great adventures. This is your opportunity to start your aviation journey with private aircraft lessons. As a private pilot, you are required to obtain a third-class FAA medical certificate and pass a private pilot airplane knowledge and practical exam. The FAA minimum for the Private Pilot License is 40 hours of flight time, 10 hours of which is solo.

Once this license is achieved, you will be able to act as pilot-in-command in a single-engine aircraft under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). The private pilot certificate is a lifetime accomplishment Review for the FAA check ride which qualifies you to fly an airplane with or without passengers, day or night, in good weather. This certificate never expires, provided you complete a flight review every 24 months. The FAA requires that students must be at least 17 years old to obtain a private pilot license. A current FAA medical certificate is required